Transform Your Life In 5 Minutes Per Day
Learn how "Everything effects Everything"
Your Personal guide to Living the Life You Love in the Body You Love to Live in
Transform Your Life In 5 Minutes Per Day
BIG Announcment!!
This is the first time I'm sharing this
(You really can't miss this one...)
Take The Next Step and Transform Your Life 
In Only 5 Minutes A Day
Take The Next Step and Transform Your Life 
In Only 5 Minutes A Day

Your Multi-Award Winning Life-Styles Architects

Hi and Welcome

We are so delighted that You have decided to invest in Yourself daily. Just 5 minutes everyday can change EVERYTHING!
With our combined energy and education of almost 70 years in brand development and wellness, You are in the right place at the right time to be guided and supported on your personal journey of feeling Empowered, Looking Amazing and Creating the Life You Love Living.

One of the biggest lessons we have learned from our mentors is the importance of surrounding yourself with people who are years and decades ahead of you.

And when you surround yourself with people who are ahead of you...
You start to subconsciously develop higher standards for yourself too. 
And having high standards goes a long way in today's world.

However, while this idea is good in theory...
It's not always easy to get access to the people that are years ahead of you. 
They're busy, they value their time, they're selective with who they spend their time with.

And it typically costs thousands, if not tens-of-thousands of dollars for just hours of their time.

That's why we came up with a plan.

The Multi-Award Winning Vital Coach & Lifestyle Consultant

Hi, it's Reg Lenney.

Big announcement today!   This is the first time I'm sharing this... 

One of the biggest lessons I've learned from my mentors is the importance of surrounding yourself with people who are years and decades ahead of you.

And when you surround yourself with people who are ahead of you...
You start to subconsciously develop higher standards for yourself too. 
And having high standards goes a long way in today's world.

However, while this idea is good in theory...
It's not always easy to get access to the people that are years ahead of you. 
They're busy, they value their time, they're selective with who they spend their time with.

And it typically costs thousands, if not tens-of-thousands of dollars for just hours of their time.

That's why I came up with a plan.

In these challenging times we want to challenge You to invest just 5 minutes everyday in You. This is going to change the outcome of Your Life positivily.

You will see the Results quickly in All areas of Your Life and those You care for, for generations to come.

Learn the strategies and techniques we have learnt over years of working with celebrities, professional sport athletes, world leaders and Royal Families from around the world.

Quickly learn daily lessons easy to implement – in a few minutes more than it takes to brush your teeth.

This is a great way to surround yourself and immerse yourself into the Vital skills, strategies, and secrets that have allowed Us to live the life we love...

… So you can start living the life YOU love that much faster.

Imagine traveling the world while getting paid to live the life you love.

Imagine working and  traveling with super cool people... as you deliver world-class results.

Now imagine Being that Super Cool Person!

Each video or task will be around 5 minutes long, so you can quickly learn without investing too much time.

All you need to do is get registered to start receiving these daily 5 minute actionable strategies.

Some of the things you will learn:
 • Thinking and working smarter
 • Being more productive and efficient
 • Growing your wealth
 • Balancing your work with personal life
 • Getting into better physical and mental shape
 • Learning how to deal with people
 • Empowering your Environment and Relationships
 • Develop YOUR Personal and Valuable Brand
 • Negotiating a higher elevation in your company/business
 • Overcoming a lack of confidence
And much, much more...

What is one commonality between all the greats? 

They've all had, and consistently work with great mentors.

Believe Us, without the strategies we have learned from our mentors, we wouldn't be able to live the life we love.
Such as travel the world, working, traveling, and living with super cool people...

Living the life we love and getting paid well to do the work we love...
Learning Vital skills, techniques, and strategies from people who inspire Us to be better.

A note from Reg: "Hopefully, this doesn't come off as me bragging.

Because this is NOT my intention.

Rather, the reason why we shared those pictures is to demonstrate how mentorship can turn anyone's life around.

Before we continue,
  lets be clear about something.

We have taken mentoring to a whole new level. Our strategy is a new way for our new world; We bring You The Lifestyle Architect 5 Minute Mentoring Program

In fact, here's: 

The Qualities Of A Great Mentor

Objective, authentic, and accessible.

You NEED a mentor that is available ON-GOING, who is clear about your needs and goals, who is able to adapt with you, as your world is constantly changing.

While one conversation with a mentor can change your life...

It's the regular interactions that will affect you long term.

This is why I've decided to share daily mentor lessons in the Lifestyle Mentor program to keep you on track and closer to your goals -- one day at a time.
Here's a preview of some of the lessons in Our Lifestyle Mentorship:

    Plus many more BONUS Business Lessons:

KEYS 1-2: Beliefs & Choices, Assessment
 • Mastering SELF
 • Mindset training
 • Self-awareness
 • Overcome limiting beliefs and lack of confidence
 • Finding true purpose in life
 • The 1-sentence destiny plan
 • Cognitive biases used by the richest people in the world

Plus many more...

KEYS 3, 6, 7, 9: Body Wisdom & Therapy, Fitness, Nutrition, Detoxing
 • Nutrition, diet, cooking tips, Recipes, etc...
 • Supplements to avoid and which to take
 • Eliminate Illness and disease naturally
 • Empower your environment for success
 • Only 2 measurements to take when getting fit
 • Fitness tips used by pro athletes for fast results, even when traveling
 • How to take control of your health, wealth, and happiness
 • Exercises to supercharge your body & mind, that can be done anywhere, anytime, with no equipment
 • Essential health and beauty

Plus many more...

KEYS 4, 5, 8, 10 Lifestyle, Environment, Relationships, Support System
 • How to create a powerful family that will change generations.
 • Daily routines for more income and less stress
 • How to schedule your morning to make the most of your day.
 • Avoid frustration, traps, and "crash and burn"
 • How to use business to live a better personal life
 • How to Drive a sports car that pays for itself
 • How to Increase your brand value in all areas of life.
 • Truth about going to college
 • Why you need not just a mentor but a Lifestyles Architect
 • Strategy to make most confusing situations clear as day
 • Ideal education vs. Entertainment ratio
 • How to read 1 book per day
 • What your next choice must be to save you decades of stress

Plus many more...

Bonus Business Topics:
 • Your business can actually be your awesome lifestyle (lessons on how we did it).
 • Client attraction techniques; how to become the "go-to-person" for high end clients.
 • Lessons learned from traveling, working and living with world leaders.
 • Wanting to travel the world while growing your business.
 • Work half as hard and accomplish 10x more building a lucrative business.
 • Scientific approach to building an extra-ordinary lifestyle!
 • How to make 6-7 figures as a Concierge
 • Negotiating higher revenues
 • You're not charging enough!
 • Growing wealth
 • Turn other people's mistakes into passive income
 • Get paid to help businesses increase their brand value
 • How to get high-status people to return your calls and even invite you into their homes, and their lives.
 • Investment strategies
 • How to turn cash flow on during your time off.
 • How to build teams that manage themselves.
 • How army generals, CEOs, and surgeons decipher massive amounts of information and make quick decisions
 • Tap into multiple streams of revenue online
 • How to get top businesses to hire you
 • How to spot trends 3-5 years ahead of the masses
 • How to spot red flags in people's lives and get paid to solve them.
 • The foolproof method to approaching and even making friends with celebrities

As you can see, there's a lot, but this is just the beginning.

Consider the fact you'll get 12 full months of our Lifestyle Mentorship...

And since there are 365 days in a year...

It's like if we were to have 365 different one-on-one conversations focused on improving your health, your business and your life.

But that's not all you're getting with Our Lifestyle Mentoring

In addition to the daily lessons, we are offering MORE.

Those who sign up before the end of March 2021, will also have the invitation to join Us Live (on-line) in an extra exclusive weekly group consultation, where we will dive deep into very specific strategies that will

Unlike our group live streams, these consultations are more exclusive to a small limited group size.

The people who attend will have the chance to interact with us live, get feedback on their projects, and ask us anything.

Normally, we charge $50,000 or more a year to get direct access to our Lifestyle Mentorship, but because of our special arrangement with Les Clefs d'Or association, YOUR opportunity is no where near that.

Just so we're clear:

First, you'll get a 1-year subscription to daily lessons.

Each lesson will be quick, easy and efficient, so you can easily get the information -- without sacrificing hours of your time.

Considering just one lesson can lead to a 6, 7, or even 8 figure a year breakthrough idea.

Massive changes and results in your health, private life and business brand value. The value of this is easily tens of thousands of dollars.

Next, if you sign up for the interactive group consultations, we''ll personally make ourselves available to answer questions and provide an even deeper dive into the daily mentor lessons.

Getting you to your goals 10x faster.

Plus, you'll have the opportunity to network, learn from, and interact with all the other mentees in the program!

To recap, this is what's included in our Lifestyle Mentoring Program:

 • 12 months of daily mentor lessons (valued at $10,000)
 • Lifetime access to the private facebook groups (priceless)
 • Networking opportunities with all other mentees (priceless)

And if you decide to opt-in you get:
 • Extra personalized small live group consultations  (valued at $16,000)

If you're feeling anxious about the cost, relax.

The actual price won't come close to $26,000.

Or even $10,000.

$5,000 would be a great deal, but it's still much less than that.

To make this an even better deal during 2021:

If after the very first class you don't feel we are providing high value and the support you need to make dramatic changes in multiple areas of your life, we will give you all your money back, no questions asked.

Just let us know and we'll refund your investment.

To take the next step, click the button below. 
P.S. For way less than $5,000, in fact we believe the investment level with shock you!
we will mentor and support you -- AND -- grant you access to interactive group consultations, VIP events and insider opportunities for the Elite Inner Circle Lifestyle Mentor members only.

This special offer won't be available much longer, so don't procrastinate and miss out. Once this page goes offline, your chance to join is gone too.
THE Lifestyle Architects The Multi-Award-Winning Life-Style Architects, 70 years of combined Wisdom and Passion, Creating Dream Destinations & Lifestyles.
Living the Life YOU Love, in the Body YOU Love to Live in.
Meet Your
Life-Style Architects
Sue Alexander: with over 36 years of industry experience in concept, design, implementation, management and training; Sue has a wealth of unique talent, knowledge and experience in the exceptional.

Having worked with some of the most influential individuals, and prestige brands around the world on both land and sea, Sue has a passion for creating the perfect environment, and experiences for exclusive and demanding clients.

Known and revered as an international speaker and trainer, Sue also loves to educate others in her unique and powerful methods, with a passion to improve all areas of an individual’s body, life, and corporate brand value.
Reg Lenney:THE Multi Award Winning Vital Coach.

Susan Sarandon “Thank you for changing my life”

Al Pacino “Your training program and bodywork made physically challenging work so much easier… I feel great!"

Patrick Stewart “You are truly amazing!”

Reg is a passionate visionary with incredible knowledge and wisdom. His unique talents ensures his team and partners excel under his mentorship. Reg helps others to see their magnificence and guides them to be their best and to develop their natural “super powers”.

Reg ensures a first class experience on every level, and his exemplary guidance, wisdom and services are repeatedly called on by top sports and entertainment personalities; including Hollywood stars, Professional athletes, corporate luminaries, Royal Family members, and many of the biggest ‘Brand’ names on the planet, who all know the importance of maintaining extra ordinary levels of mental and physical performance, while growing and changing with the changing of the times.

Since 1986 Reg has been providing the original and Multi Award Winning "Result Oriented" online and one-to-one professional, corporate, health and lifestyle programs on the planet, incorporating his "10 vital keys to ultimate health and success" ™.

“Our passion is creating environment, and opportunities that inspire, and empower all involved to shine in their individual magnificence, which continues to inspire and support others in a win-win-win, long term.”

"As a coach, my intention is to save clients time, money, frustration and energy, ensuring your investment for our support will quickly and effectively, pay for itself in multiple dimentions.”

Reg’s superpower is to recognize and cherish the roll and responsibility his work has, in affecting generations of families and businesses.

Pierce Brosnan “Reg, there are many claiming to be healers, there are many wanting to be healers, you are one of the few True Healers.”

“Retaining Reg was the Best thing I ever did, the cost of his services was earned back one hundred thousand-fold, the consequences of trying to save a buck and not investing in myself was devastating not only to every aspect of my life and business but also to my family’s life”

A recent article written about our environment, corporate and hotel services;
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